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Ages 9-12
$ 4
99 /month
  • Access weekly writing activities straight to your inbox
  • Be one of first five to sign up and receive a free book bag, valued at $50
  • Opportunity to win free access to in-person workshops
  • Be notified first of upcoming workshops, as well as all of our exciting deals and discounts


All ages
$ 7
99 /month
  • Monthly insider tips to improve your storytelling experience
  • Ultimate access to all of our latest promos and
  • Exciting writing contests and challenges for all ages! (with lots of great giveaways)


Ages 4-7
99 /month
  • Register your child for any of our scheduled workshops on a first-come, first-serve basis!

    See our "Program" page for more info


Ages 12-14
  • Custom activities and videos geared to help strengthen your child’s speaking voice
  • Four exclusive in-person mentoring sessions a month, to be booked at your convenience
  • Opportunities for your child to practice their presentation skills live and build their confidence skills
  • Coming Soon!

Sensational Storyteller

Ages 12-14
  • Access to weekly activities straight to your inbox
  • One-on-one mentoring support offered by professional writers and artists
  • Opportunities to receive publishing recommendations, prizes and honourable mentions
  • Coming Soon!

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