About us

We’re a storytelling group based in Peel Region with a vision to empower voices young and old through story

Alexandra presenting a story at the Friends of Regent Park Pumpkin Party community event 

your voice can impact change.

Speak the Words Storytellers is a storytelling group based in Peel Region with a vision to serve children, youth and their families through the power of story. Our literacy workshops are designed to empower young voices to impact positive change.

We host our

  • Nursing/Retirement Homes
  • Youth and Family Shelters     
  • Hospitals
  • Low-Income housing units
  • Drop-in centres

Aside from our pro bono workshops, we offer mentoring and training support for young writers, through the form of monthly memberships. Our aim is to build up the human voice by supporting participants in three main areas:

  1. Writing
  2. Presentation
  3. Reading

Since storytelling comes in many shapes and forms, a lot of our workshops may also open up to different avenues of creative expression, including visual art, music and drama. As we look to share a little bit of hope with participants, many of the stories we share will draw from principles of truth, faith, compassionempathy, and integrity. 

We lead a wide range of workshops exploring various topics, including journaling and personal storytelling, discovering the writing voice, and writing for impact. Ultimately, our goal is to equip future leaders who will use their voices as tools to incite movements of change within their local communities.


Alexandra Yeboah

Director // owner

Alexandra is the founder and creative director of Speak the Words Storytellers. Growing up as a child in eastern Canada, Alexandra remembers sneaking into her father’s library to read the many books that lined his shelf. Over the years, Alexandra has served as an avid storyteller and come to see the amazing way stories can engage listeners from all walks of life. Through her platform, she aspires to help others come to fully appreciate the art. Currently, Alexandra works as a freelance writer and storyteller facilitator in Ontario. She also serves as a member of the Peel Poverty Reduction Committee.

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